Etisalat, the first operator in Afghanistan to provide 3.75G service. Now brings you another best by introducing Mumtaz (Per Second) with enhanced features that offers you a holistic service with a complete range of value-added services that include a combination of voice, data, SMS, MMS & 3.75G. You also get to enjoy the widest and best quality of mobile network coverage across Afghanistan.

Advantage of Mumtaz Pre-paid line:
SIM Card with

50 Etisalat minutes + 50 SMS + 100MB initial balance 

Per 30 second



on-net & off-net rates

Recharging Your Prepaid Line:

You have a variety of convenient choices to recharge your prepaid account anytime, anywhere by simply using one of the below options. From time to time, Etisalat runs various recharge based promotions that have a range of benefits depending on the value of recharge.

Recharge Cards

Available in eight denominations (50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 Afs) across over 5375 retail outlets in Afghanistan.
Simply follow the simple instructions on the card to recharge your account.

Etisalat (Marikh) Payment Machine

You can recharge any amount your or your friend's Etisalat Prepaid account using our Public Payment Machines located at Etisalat flagships and other areas across country. New payment machines are being continuously added at several prominent locations to enhance your convenience.

Credit Check

You can check your credit balance at any time by typing *123# followed by OK or you can also call 555 then press 2.

Mumtaz provides the best on-net & off-net calling rates in the country, also you can enjoy per second billing by making on-net calls any time during day and night.
Per 30 Second


Discounted Off-net

Call Rates

Mumtaz Tariffs:

Event Type Time Call Rate Billing Pulse
On-net (Etisalat to Etisalat) During day(7 AM - 9:59 PM) 1.85 Afs 30 sec
On-net (Etisalat to Etisalat) During night (10 PM - 6:59 AM) 1.85 Afs 30 sec
Off-net (Etisalat to other Local operators) During day and night 2.20 Afs 30 sec
Price Per MB Any Time 0.1 Afs 102KBs
International During day and night Check the international tariff table 60 sec

Mumtaz Other Charges:

Other Charges
Sim Price 100 Afs
Initial Credit Balance 50 Etisalat minutes + 50 SMS + 100MB valid for 7 days
SMS Etisalat to Etisalat 3.00 Afs per SMS
Off-net (Etisalat to other Local operators) 3.00 Afs per SMS

Migration in and out of Mumtaz:



No  From  To  Migration Code  Migration Fee
1  Any Pack  Mumtaz  SMS S to 3378  10 AFN
2  Mumtaz  Elite Platinum  SMS EPS to 3378  100 AFN

 Mumtaz     Mukammal Bronze  SMS MBZ to 3378  100 AFN   
 Mukammal Silver  SMS MS to 3378
 Mukammal Golden  SMS MG to 3378
 Mukammal Platinum  SMS MP to 3378
4 Mukammal Silver  Mumtaz   SMS S to 3378  250 AFN
5 Mukammal Golden 500 AFN
6 Mukammal Platinum 5000 AFN
7 Mukammal Bronze 150 AFN
  • Credit Transfer

    Credit Transfer Service

    With Etisalat Credit Transfer Service you can transfer credit from your Etisalat sim card to your Family, Friend and Loved Ones using Etisalat sim card.

    How to Transfer:
    • On your mobile screen type *125*Destination number*amount# & then press ok.
    • If you want to transfer AFN 50; on your mobile screen type *125*078X XX X XXX*50# & then press ok.
    • You can transfer 20 times per day up to 200 AFN maximum. Maximum amount of a single transaction is 100 AFN
    Service Max Number of Transfer Maximum Limit / Transfer Maximum Transfer/Day Service Fee
    Credit Transfer 20/Day 100AFN 200AFN 2.5AFN


    • You can transfer 200 AFN in 20 transactions each 10 AFN. The maximum transferable amount is 100AFN/transfer.
    • Service Fee 2 AFN for the first transaction, rest of the transfers’ occurring on the same day is free.

      Charges: 2AFN on first transaction.

  • Voice Mail
  • Missed Call Notification
  • Call Forwarding/Call Conference/Call Waiting
  • SMS+
  • SMS to Email
  • SMS Bundle
As per new ATRA policy, Please bring the following documents during the registration/activation of your mobile numbers (SIM Cards):


Ehasan Plaza, near Hajji Yaqoub square, Shar-e-Naw, Kabul Afghanistan
+93 786 786 786

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