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Ring Back Tone

CRBT stands for Caller Ring Back Tone. This service enables you to let your callers listen to an Islamic tune before answering the call.

Credit loan

Credit Loan services help customers to reach their family and friends even if they don't have credit on their phone


Learn English is an IVR-based service. This service lets the customers learn English language at any time and anywhere.


With Doctor on Call, you can consult with famous doctors and ask your health questions.

Gaming Club

Enjoy unmatched mobile games with Etisalat game club service.


With Etisalat`s entertainment service, you can add to your knowledge while being entertained. 

Utility Services

Now you can transfer mobile talk-time and data to your loved ones at any time. 


Sport SMS portal provides a single point of access to sports update news by receiving messages, updated news,


Increase your Islamic knowledge with Etisalat`s Islamic service.


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