International bundles:

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Promotions Benefits Countries Price Validity Activation Deactivation Auto- renewal
Monthly Bundle 50 Minutes Pakistan, India, USA and Canada 150 AFN 30 Days 50 To 3378 PU50 to 3378 Yes
Weekly Bundle 25 Minutes Pakistan, India, USA and Canada 75 AFN 7 Days W25 To  3378 PUW25 to 3378 Yes
Daily Bundle 10 Minutes Pakistan, India, USA and Canada 35 AFN 1 Days 35 To 3378 PU35 to 3378 Yes
  • Subscribers can activate these bundles multiple times by deactivating and re – activating the bundle.
  • Subscribers can check their benefits by sending 505 as SMS to 606

Also customers can call 888 and request to activate or de-activate this promotion.

Contact point:

Long No: 0786-786-786

Short No: 888

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