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Our Belief

Our Belief

A world where people’s reach is not limited by matter or distance.

Our Vision

A world where people’s reach is not limited by matter or distance.
People will effortlessly move around the world, staying in touch with family, making new friends as they go, as well as developing new interests.
Businesses of all sizes, no longer limited by distance, will be able to reach new markets. Innovative technologies will open up fresh opportunities across the globe, allowing the supply of new goods and services to everyone who wants them.

Our Mission

To offer simple, affordable, good quality mobile communication services allowing all Afghans to reach their family and friends.
At Etisalat Afghanistan, we are actively developing advanced networks that will enable people to develop, to learn and to grow.

Our Values
  • Innovation
  • Customer Centricity
  • Global Family
  • People Focus
We provide new thinking to create value for customers and improved business results for Etisalat

As an Innovative Employee:

  • I develop and encourage others to develop new and better ways of doing things
  • I appreciate and value ideas and suggestions received
  • I deliver improvements in quality, performance and business results
Customer Centricity
We put our customer’s needs at the heart of all we do to create a better experience

As a customer centric employee:

  • I demonstrate a clear understanding of internal or external customer needs and requirements.
  • I listen to and act promptly & positively to resolve internal or external customer requests or problems.
  • I look to exceed customer expectations whilst ensuring that Etisalat's commercial needs are respected at all times.
Global Family
We work as one team, valuing diversity and sharing knowledge

As a member of Etisalat’s Global family:

  • I cooperate and collaborate across the whole family so that improved business results can be achieved.
  • I celebrate diversity, actively listening to and valuing others’ points of view and advice.
  • I communicate knowledge, information and experiences openly across the family and celebrate successes together.
People Focus
We respect people; act with integrity; support, trust and believe that people can and will do the right things

As an Etisalat employee:

  • I am honest and open and treat everyone with respect, regardless of their level.
  • I will act with integrity to deliver business results.
  • I provide a supportive environment in which people are empowered and can learn, develop and improve their performance.