• When I dial *888# can I select my preferred language?


    Dear Customer, Yes you can select your preferred language by replying as below:

    1. Dari
    2. Pashto
    3. English
  • Will I be charged when I dial *888# or reply to the pop up from *888#?


    No, dialing *888# is totally free, you can browse through our unmatched bundles and promotions and select your favorite ones with your fingertips any time.

  • What are the various services available in *888#?


    Ans. *888# enables you access all Etisalat bundles and promotions at your fingertips, activate and deactivate bundles, check your balance, see your active bundles, access VAS services and enroll or redeem your loyalty points.

  • How can I deactivate 1GB internet bundle via *888#?


    Very simple, dial *888#, select your language and then select “Your Active Service”, you can select 1GB internet bundle from the list and deactivate it.

  • How can I activate 4GB Monthly internet bundle on *888#?


    Ans. Dial *888#, after selecting your language select “Internet Bundles” from the list.

    4GB is a monthly bundle, select “Monthly Bundles” and then look for 4GB bundle and reply with the bundle number and confirm.

    1. Internet bundles
    2. Voice calling bundles
    3. Mukammal bundles
    4. On-net SMS
    5. International Calling bundles
    6. Internet Roaming bundles
  • Can I buy Data bundles on auto-renewal basis on *888#?

    Yes, you can enjoy the convenience of buying any Etisalat Data bundles on auto-renewal basis, you can buy a bundle for one time as well.

  • Will I be charged for these SMS?


    No sir, these SMS are free of cost

  • How can I pay for the bundle I select? Will there be any additional charges if I buy bundle through *888#?


    Your available balance is used when you are buying any bundle. No additional charges will be applicable.

  • What happens if I don’t reply to the SMS notification?


    Your session will end, and you need to re-dial *888# to start over.

  • Can I access Etisalat VAS services on *888#?


    Yes, you can access all Etisalat VAS services on *888#.

  • Can I enroll to Etisalat Loyalty Rewards program on *888#?


    Yes, you can! With *888# you can register in Etisalat Loyalty Rewards program, check your points balance, transfer loyalty points to friends and family, redeem your loyalty points and can donate your points.