Etisalat eTune brings to you an exciting way to entertain your callers. Do away with the boring old 'Tiring Tiring' and greet your callers with your favorite tunes.

Dial 202 and Get yourself an eTune now!

How to activate eTune Service

  • Type “ON” and send it to 202
  • Dial *202# for easy access
  • You can also Dial 202 and follow the instructions
  • Or visit your nearest Etisalat Flagship


Feature Fee Period
Service Activation 35 AFs One Time
Service Renewal Fee 5 AFs 30 Days
Tune Purchase 15 AFs 30 Days
IVR Call 6 AFs 15 Minutes



  • Star to Copy and activation (Press * key while listening to your friends and Family eTune to activate and copy their tune)
  • Record your own eTune on 202

  • Place your Name as your eTune by sending NT <space> Name <Space> Language <D/P/E>
  • Gift an eTune to your Loved ones
  • eTune app is available for Android Mobile users, they can download it for free from here

How to purchase a Tune

  • Dial 202 and select your favorite tune from varicose Categories
  • SMS eTune “Code” to 202