FAQs of Win with Us Service

  • What is the Win with Us service?


    It is a SMS-subscription service including an SMS Trivia quiz with multiple choice answers. Etisalat subscribers participate, play trivia games, and earn points to win prizes.

  • How Win With Us service works?


    Participants that have registered in the Win with Us service are eligible to win more points by answering questions of general knowledge via SMS. Every day they will receive questions and they will be able to answer and collect points for the prizes. Each question has 2 answers, one correct, and one wrong. Correct answers have at least 50 points, wrong answers give 10 points whereas invalid answers give 0 points. As well as, on registration and renewal 100 points will be given.

  • Who can use this service?


    This service is for prepaid and postpaid customers.

  • How do I earn points?


    Participants can collect points with different ways:

    1) Daily Points along with their free trial and renewal.

    2) Different points based on the SMS trivia performance.

  • What are the prizes?


    Weekly cash prize of AFN 10,000, a monthly cash prize of 100,000 AFN and a grand prize of AFN 1,500,000. Or send “prize/ امتیازto 3345.

  • How many winners are for weekly, monthly and grand prizes?

    Weekly two winners, monthly one winner, and one grand prize 1 winner.

  • How winners are selected?


    Weekly, monthly and grand winners are selected through draw mechanism.

  • What are the prices for this service?


    First time subscription is free. Renewal will be charged 5 AFN/day. Answering to questions cost 20 AFN/answer. Invalid answers are free of charge. The price amount will be deducted just from core balance.

  • How can I subscribe to this service?


    A person can subscribe by sending “AFN” to 3345.

  • How can I unsubscribe to this service?


     A person can deactivate by sending “UNSUB/لغو اشتراک/د ګډون لغوه to 3345.

  • How can I see my rank?


    Users can check their ranking by sending "RANK/ رده بندی/ رده بندۍ" to 3345 (free of charge).

  • How can I check my points?


    Users can check their points by sending “SCORE/ نمره/ نمرې” to 3345 (free of charge).

  • Can I transfer my points to others?


    No. A user cannot transfer his/ her points to others.

  • Is a special handset required to use this service?


    No. This service is a handset independent and will work on any mobile phone.

  • What are the languages supported by this service?


    Dari is the default Language. Other Supported Languages are Pashto and English.

  • If a person have earned some points and unsubscribe then subscribe. Will his earned points will be given back?



  • What are the start and end date of the service?


    It starts from April 4, 2021, to Oct 2, 2021.

  • How the winners will be informed?


    Winners will be contacted via the official communication channel [888 for EA] and the company will not require customers to pay any cash and/or credit against the prizes they win as a result of subscription in the services.

    English Dari Pashto Description Price
    STOP توقف درېدل Deactivation Free
    EXIT خروج وتل Deactivation Free
    CANCEL لغو لغوه Deactivation Free
    SCORE نمره نمرې Points collected Free
    EN انگلیسی انګلیسي Language change to English Free
    RANK رده بندی رده بندۍ Ranking % Free
    PRIZE امتیاز امتیاز List of prizes Free
    HELP کمک مرسته Service’s details Free
    INFO معلومات مالومات Service’s details Free
    AGAIN دوباره بیاځلې Re-subscribing 5 AFN/ per day
    SUB اشتراک کردن ګډون کول Activation Only first time free
    UNSUB لغو اشتراک د ګډون لغوه Deactivation Free
    CASH پول نقد پول نقد Activation Only first time free
    YES بلی بلې Activation Activation
    EN DA PA Language selection Free
    WIN برنده ګټونکی Activation Only first time free