Social bundles 

Now enjoy browsing new Social packs with Etisalat anytime.

Portfolio Validity Price Benefits Activation Deactivation
WhatsApp and Facebook Daily 5 AFN 65 MB 65MB to 3378 PU <space> 65MB to 3378
Weekly 20 AFN 200 MB W20 to 3378 PU <space> W20 to 3378
Weekend 10 AFN 200MB N200 to 3378 PU <space> N200 to 3378
Monthly 50 AFN 450 MB 600MB to 3378 PU <space> 600MB to 3378
WhatsApp, FaceBook and instagram Daily 10 AFN 150 MB 150MB to 3378 PU <space> 150MB to 3378
Weekly 35 AFN 400 MB 400MB to 3378 PU <space> 400MB to 3378
Weekend 25 AFN 300MB N350 to 3378 PU <space> N350 to 3378
Monthly 99 AFN 1.5 GB M99 to 3378 PU <space> M99 to 3378

  • Benefits offered to be restricted to relevant apps/platforms.
  • The billing pulse for the new bundle will be 152KBs basis.
  • These weekend bundles cannot be activated on auto-renewal basis.
  • The weekend bundles benefit will be used from Thursday 11:00 PM till Saturday 11:59 PM and expire thereafter.
  • The benefits is non-transferable.
  • The bundle shall not have any conflict with any other bundle.
  • Subscribers shall be able to check their Bonus balance by sending 505 as SMS to 606.

Also, customers can call 888 and request to activate or deactivate this promotion.

Contact point:

Long No: 0786-786-786

Short No: 888

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