Regional Pakistan Bundles

Stay in touch with your close ones in Pakistan anywhere.
Promotions Benefits Price Validity Activation Deactivation Auto- renewal
Monthly Bundle 75 minutes 165 AFN 30 Days M75 to 3378 PU<Space>M75 to 3378 Yes
Weekly Bundle 40 minutes 90 AFN 7 Days W40 to 3378 PU<Space>W40 to 3378 Yes
Daily Bundle 20 minutes 45 AFN 1 Day D20 to 3378 PU<Space>D20 to 3378 Yes

  • People in  Nangarhar, Laghman, Kunar, Noristan, Khost, Paktya and Paktika
  • Subscribers can activate these bundles multiple times by deactivating and reactivating the bundle.
  • Subscribers can check their benefits by sending 505 as SMS to 606

Also, customers can call 888 and request to activate or deactivate this promotion.

Contact point:

Long No: 0786-786-786

Short No: 888

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