Kabul – 14th June 2016

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and to mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, Etisalat Afghanistan launched its Food Distribution Program in Kabul. Through this program, Etisalat team visits local Masjids at Iftar time to give food to fasting people throughout Ramadan.

‘The purpose of this program is to promote the culture of sharing our fortune with underprivileged segment of the society.’ said Dr. Salah, CEO of Etisalat Afghanistan, ‘By giving a food package, you can ensure that some poor people receive a nourishing Iftar. Thus, we aim to donate more than 4500 packs of cooked food to needy during Ramadan.’

Giving to society and bringing positive change in peoples` life are areas where Etialat has been focused on. Etisalat`s food distribution and restoration of Masjids are company`s contribution to establish a sustainable community. The company also launches yearly blood donation campaign to help patients in need of blood transfusion, provides fund for areas impacted by natural disaster and organizes annual Quran contest to promote Islamic values in the country.

Dr Salah also said, ‘We believe that supporting social and humanitarian activities is a must for every carport. We need to give back to societies where operate.’

In addition to offering world class voice and data services and having a unique customer care culture, Etisalat has been able to create jobs, bring positive change in people`s life, provide youths with educational opportunities and support Afghans towards self-reliance.


Ehasan Plaza, near Hajji Yaqoub square, Shar-e-Naw, Kabul Afghanistan
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