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Etisalat Brand

Our Promise

A beacon of the future

The future is yours. That is the promise of Etisalat to Afghanistan. It is a message of positivity that transcends beyond telecommunication towards betterment of life. It is a stance that positions Etisalat clearly as the leaders of change, enablers of freedom and the pioneers of innovative technologies.

Our Call of Duty

To empower people

At Etisalat, we are actively involved with the people with advanced networks, infrastructural development and most importantly empowerment, by enabling them to develop, to learn and to grow.

Our Belief System


We nurture a dynamic attitude needed to achieve the very best in our business. We look forward to the challenges a


To our customers, suppliers and employees, we are a friend more than a business associate ornd opportunities that the future holds for us.

a client. We deal with all in a transparent manner, with honesty and fairness always paramount among our priorities.


We strive to open up opportunities in every possible sphere with an intent to empower the people who we deal with everyday by helping them achieve their everyday goals and future visions. We make it a point to always stand by our promises.

We’re talking to the next generation already

What was in fashion yesterday is already redundant today. That’s how fast the world is moving. We realise this and make it a point to involve this insight into all our products and services. As we all know, music, books, banking or even education no longer have to have a physical format. Everything is available online. And now robotic aids are beginning to make remote surgery possible! As the pace of technological evolution increases, by the second, Etisalat will extend its reach into new technologies and services to create opportunities for all.